Why You Should Use A Landlord Attorney

For the average landlord, navigating the challenges of dealing with tenants can be quite a task. Complex landlord-tenant laws govern the renting of commercial and residential properties. Only landlord tenant attorneys in Santa Rosa understand these laws in their entirety.


Hiring a landlord tenant attorney will cost you some money upfront; however, an experienced lawyer will save you substantial time and money down the line. The professional will use their knowledge and expertise to nip small legal issues in the bud to keep you out of trouble.


Here are some benefits of hiring a landlord tenant attorney.


Helps Draft an Effective Lease


The first step to protecting your rights as a landlord is drafting an effective, airtight lease that does not leave any room for speculations.


A rental agreement must include the names of all parties involved. Other essential details to include in a rental agreement are the amount of rent and when it becomes due, limits on occupancy/subleasing, rules regarding pets, and the rights and responsibilities of each party.


The lease must clearly define disruptive and illegal activities. It must include provisions that clearly state the steps the landlord can take if the tenant is found using the property for illegal activities. An experienced attorney will not only help you write an effective lease agreement but also update it as time goes by.


Uses Their Knowledge to Expedite the Tenant Eviction Process


The tenant eviction process is anything but simple. When evicting a tenant, a landlord must take various steps, or they could inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of the law.


If you want to evict a tenant, your landlord attorney in Santa Rosa will support you in more ways than you could anticipate. The professional will scan, file, and organize paperwork, collect and present documents and evidence in court, serve the eviction notice, and represent you in court.


Your attorney will follow court protocols. When stuff gets done right the first time, you can expect your case to move quickly.


Uses Their Expertise to Safeguard the Interest of Their Clients When Tenants Sue for Property Damage


A tenant can sue their landlord for property damage claiming that the property owner did not take necessary steps to maintain the property. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, hire a landlord tenant attorney in Santa Rosa.


Your lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal process. They will collect and present evidence to present your best image as a landlord. The professional will also negotiate with different parties and try to settle out of court (helping save money and time).


Whether you are renting out for the first time or an experienced landlord, consider hiring a landlord tenant attorney a necessity. The Law Office of Stephen M. Beckwith has a proven track record of success. No matter how complex your case, we have the right legal solution for you. To consult a legal expert, call us at (707) 526-5454.