Corporate Formation

Starting A Business Is Hard


We Make It Simple For You

Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but it is also extremely complicated. While it seems simple, there are a lot of things you will need to do as you start your business in California that are not obvious or fully explained. To further complicate matters, in a smaller company you will be taking on multiple roles and responsibilities as a shareholder, working with the board of directors and serving as a company officer. Starting your own business requires the service of an experienced Santa Rosa corporate formation attorney to protect your interests and help make sure everything is in order for you.

Providing a Range Of Services For New Businesses


We can help you with all legal aspects of your business startup:


  • Entity selection: Your choice of business entity will have far-reaching consequences. We can help you decide whether a corporation, partnership, LLC or other business structure would be the best for you based on your needs and business objectives.
  • Filing: We will help you through every step of the process of filing and registering your business with the secretary of state’s office.
  • Incorporating documents and procedures: We will help you with all aspects of the initial documentation, including articles of incorporation, EIN number, opening minutes, bylaws, your first organization meeting, explanations to stockholders and LLC members, and the stream of information that we will file with the secretary of state.

Relevant Experience


Attorney Steve Beckwith and legal secretary and office administrator both have real-world experience as successful business owners. This provides us with a more in-depth understanding of our clients’ challenges and objectives as business owners.


The legal considerations should not be something separate from the other aspects of running a business; they should all work together seamlessly. With our real-world business experience, we can provide you with legal solutions in a language you can understand.

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