Protecting Creditor Rights


If you are owed money — whether in a personal or professional capacity — you have probably already come into contact with the many laws and regulations that have been established to protect the rights of debtors.


But who is protecting your rights as a creditor?


At The Law Office of Stephen M. Beckwith, we provide accounts receivable and collections representation for individuals and businesses in Northern California. Santa Rosa collections attorney Steve Beckwith and  — legal secretary and office administrator — both have experience as business owners. We understand your objectives and the challenges you face, which gives us the insight needed to provide you with exceptional, personalized legal services.

Collections For Business Entities


We handle accounts receivable and other collections matters for commercial creditors that include:


  • Certified Public Accounting firms
  • Banks
  • Car dealerships
  • Other local businesses

Collections For Individuals


Individual collections is a more personal matter, often involving personal loans to family members that are in arrears. We will help you obtain the money you are owed with discretion and professionalism.

Collecting Debts For Clients


The process for collecting debts on behalf of our clients includes:


  • Determine debtor’s ability to pay: The first step is determining whether the debtor has the assets to repay the debt. In most cases, we can file abstracts of judgment with the recorders’ offices of every county in California where they may own property, as well as conducting in-depth investigations to ascertain whether the debtor has stocks, jewelry, coin collections or other assets that can be turned into cash. If not, it might not be worth the time and expense to pursue the case.
  • Obtain judgment: In most cases, we can pursue a judgment in court or a breach of contract claim.
  • Collecting on out-of-state judgments: In most cases, we can convert an out-of-state judgment to California and perform the collections work necessary to obtain your compensation.
  • Getting creative: Most collections cases are not simple matters with easy solutions. We work to get writs of possession, attachments on assets and other creative collections solutions.


In all of our collections matters, we give our clients realistic expectations. We will help you determine whether your case is worth pursuing and provide you with sound legal counsel throughout your legal matter.

Contact a Sonoma County Debt Collection Attorney


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