When to Hire an Eviction Lawyer

When a tenant violates a clause of the rental agreement or refuses to pay rent, many landlords either shut off their utilities, hoping that they would leave, or try to remove them from the premises forcibly. While you may have your reasons to evict your tenant, both options are illegal and could land you in a legal mess.


Landlords, just like other business owners, want to make their business profitable while steering clear of liability. An experienced and skilled eviction attorney near you can help you achieve this objective. Here are some scenarios where you might need an eviction attorney.


You Want to Evict a Tenant


Winning an eviction lawsuit may not be as easy as it may seem. To evict a tenant, landlords must follow several detailed rules. You cannot legally begin an eviction lawsuit without first terminating the rental agreement.


You may need a lawyer if your tenant is your employee or has filed for bankruptcy, and you must comply with rent control laws.


Your lawyer will help you abide by every rule and regulation when evicting a tenant. The professional will prepare a defense for you. They will draft and serve an eviction notice in the manner prescribed by the law.


Evicting a tenant can be a long and painful process. If you are concerned about incurring losses,  your lawyer will help you explore other options. The professional can, for instance, help you get into cash for keys agreement with the tenant (you pay the tenant a specified amount, and they agree to leave without suing you).


You Are Being Investigated or Sued for Illegal Discrimination


If a tenant sues you for discrimination, or the HUD or a fair housing agency agrees to investigate an illegal discrimination claim, you should be sure to have an attorney by your side. Penalties, if you lose, can be costly.


If litigation drags on for far too long, your reputation as a landlord can take a beating. Your lawyer will try to keep the dispute out of court. If your case goes to court, an experienced attorney can help resolve the dispute, and end the lawsuit as soon as possible.


A Tenant Damages Your Property


Different kinds of damages require different types of proofs. If a destructive tenant damages your rental property, your eviction attorney will help you document damages accurately.


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