When Should a Landlord Hire a Lawyer?

There are several benefits of hiring a landlord-tenant attorney in Santa Rosa. As a landlord, you have obligations to fulfil under landlord-tenant laws. Violations may result in penalties and legal action if they aren’t resolving appropriately.


An experienced landlord-tenant attorney knows landlord-tenant law like the back of their hand and can help you steer clear of legal troubles. They will help resolve any disputes between you and your tenants, keeping them out of court.


Here are some situations that will benefit from a professionals assistance.


Evicting a Tenant


Evicting a tenant is not as straightforward as many landlords think. An eviction stays on a tenant’s record for the next seven years, affecting their rental history. For this reason, many judges will give the go-ahead to evict a tenant when they are found guilty of serious misconduct. Your attorney will ensure each step in the eviction process is followed, protecting you against legal liability.


Your attorney will reason with your tenant, attempting to persuade them to leave without an eviction being necessary. If your tenant does not yield, your attorney will serve them an eviction notice. They will represent you in court, providing evidence that you acted in good faith and the tenant’s breach of lease.


You Are Being Investigated for Discrimination


If a prospect or tenant alleges discrimination and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agrees to investigate the case, it makes sense to hire a landlord-tenant attorney. The HUD can award a penalty of $16,000 to a landlord found guilty of discrimination.


If your case reaches court, you might get a bad reputation as a landlord. A lawyer can help resolve disputes between you and your tenant amicably. If a matter reaches court, they will use their experience and knowhow to expedite the process, saving you costs and headaches down the road.


You Are Being Sued For Injury


If a tenant sues you alleging that they were injured or ill due to your carelessness, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. You will be emotionally invested in the case and might have trouble thinking clearly. Emotional upheavals can make it difficult for you to confront your tenant.


Your lawyer will be emotionally detached from your case. An experienced lawyer will shield you against liability. They will collect and use evidence to help you tell your side of the story.


Litigation can be time-consuming, expensive and stressful. The Law Office of Stephen M. Beckwith is committed to helping landlords keep disputes with their tenants out of court. Stephen M. Beckwith has years of experience managing complex cases. To discuss your case with him, call (707) 526-5454.