How Attorneys Help with Business Formation & Incorporation

When starting a new business, consider hiring a business formation lawyer to advise you on legal matters. Your lawyer will help you set up your business for success. No matter the size of your start-up, your lawyer will help you overcome legal challenges and navigate any issues that may arise from forming a business.


Here are some business incorporation services provided by business formation lawyers.


General Structuring


There are different ways to structure a business which can vary based on the goals of the organization. Several different types of business entities include: partnerships, corporations, LLC, C corp, and S corp. Each type of entity has certain benefits and disadvantages.


Your lawyer will help you analyze the different types of entities. They will help you understand the costs, liability, and tax issues particular to each business organization form.


The professional will help you consider different factors such as your business goals, tax implications of the different types of business structures, insurance implications, your management style, and your acceptable risk when making a decision regarding which type of business entity to form.


Tax Structuring


The right tax structure for your business could bring substantial tax savings. When designing your tax structure, your attorney will consider important factors such as available tax incentives, your long-term growth plans, and your profitability to reducing tax liability.


Drafting Important Documents


Your lawyer will draft all necessary partnership agreements, operating agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws & articles of organization, and all necessary tax forms. The professional will also draft and file all government registration documents for your new business.


Securing Permits


One of the first things to do when forming a new business is to secure necessary licenses and permits. Your lawyer will help secure all necessary business start-up permits and licenses from your local, state, and federal government. If you need an Employer Identification Number or EAN, your attorney will help you apply for it online.


Funding Assistance


Some popular sources of business financing include equity, loans, crowd funding, invoice and asset finance, and an overdraft.


Often inexperienced business owners end up becoming overwhelmed by choices. Your lawyer will help you choose the right funding source for your business.


They will also help you find the right financing company that can craft financing solutions to fit your specific needs. The professional will evaluate funding challenges and come up with a plan to overcome them.


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