Do I Need a Landlord Attorney?

While many people with multiple properties earn their primary income through renting out their properties, for many property owners, renting out is one of the best ways to generate passive income.


Most landlords do not keep a landlord tenant attorney in Santa Rosa on retainer as they believe they can manage their legal affairs and it wouldn’t be cost-effective to hire a lawyer.

The benefits of hiring an attorney far outweigh the costs. A landlord attorney can help you navigate complex landlord tenant laws. They can help you understand your duties as a landlord.


A landlord attorney can, in many instances, help you save thousands of dollars and expedite solutions to unpleasant situations and processes. The professional will work to protect your rights as a landlord.


Here are some situations where hiring a landlord tenant attorney in Santa Rosa is essential.


Drafting a Lease


A rental lease should be clear and concise. Putting everything in writing will minimize legal risk and help avoid unwelcome surprises.


Have an attorney look over your agreement. The professional will check whether your agreement contains all of the provisions it needs to, and suggest amendments, if required.


Discuss points you want to have covered in the lease. Your landlord attorney will customize your lease to reflect your specific rental terms and agreements.


Remember, leases are not set in stone. You can revisit your lease whenever a new issue arises


Evicting a Tenant


Evicting a delinquent tenant can be challenging. One wrong move can land you in a legal mess. When evicting a tenant, your attorney will make sure you go by the book following all the appropriate steps.


The professional will make sure you have the right paperwork and file it out exactly as required. Your landlord attorney will assist you every step of the way. They will leverage their knowledge of the law to make the eviction watertight.


You Are Being Sued


A tenant can sue their landlord for different reasons. Your tenant can allege illegal discrimination or claim that they or their guests got injured or sick due to your carelessness.


You want to keep disputes out of court to avoid bad press. An experienced lawyer can help resolve these issues before things take a turn for the worse and your tenant goes to landlord-tenant court.


You Have a Bad Reputation as a Landlord


If you have evicted several tenants, prospective renters may form a negative opinion about you. An experienced attorney can help you repair your reputation. The professional will help you understand what you should say and how you should say it to ensure your words are not misinterpreted or misconstrued.


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