3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Contracts

There are several compelling reasons to use a lawyer for contracts. A business contract attorney in Santa Rosa will help you navigate the complex legal maze to ensure that your contract is drafted and interpreted correctly. Without a business lawyer involved, your business could run into legal issues or expose itself to unnecessary financial risks.


Untangling a poorly written contract is far more expensive and challenging than paying a lawyer to do it right in the first place.

Here are some ways by which you can save money using a lawyer in Santa Rosa for contracts.


Easier to Enforce in a Court of Law 


For a contract to be valid, it must have four elements: capacity, intention, consideration, and agreement. If a contract lacks even one of these elements, it won’t be enforceable in court. If you write a contract yourself, you might leave out key legal terms. A contract that cannot be enforced in a court is nothing more than just a piece of paper.


Many businesses use generic contracts which can prove to be a costly mistake. A generic contract will not consider the specifics of your agreement. If, for example, you have your employees sign non-compete agreements and you use a generic contract, you may have no legal recourse.


Your Attorney Will Write Contracts in a Way That Favors You


A single omitted or wrong clause could cost a business a considerable amount of money. A lawyer with their clients’ best interests at heart will strive to help them avoid costly errors.


An attorney with experience in your industry can write a contract tailored to your specific needs. Your lawyer will also advise you on standard contract terms. If the other party drafts the contract, your lawyer will review the agreement and advise you on how to proceed and a negotiating strategy.


A commercial lease, for example, typically favors the property owner. Suppose you are planning to rent a commercial property. In that case, your attorney will review the contract and let you know if there are any unfair terms disproportionately weighted in favor of the other party.


Know Which Standard Contracts Your Business Needs


Your attorney will identify all the contracts you need to protect your business from liabilities. These might include intellectual property agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and employment agreements.


You may think you don’t need a particular type of contract, but you may need it more than other types of contracts in reality.


For example, you may think that you need just a nondisclosure agreement to prevent employees from posting about a software your team is developing. But in reality, your business may not own the software in the first place if the creator did not sign an intellectual property agreement.


Whatever your industry, The Law Office of Stephen M. Beckwith will create a customized contract to fit your specific needs. Stephen M. Beckwith has been serving the Santa Rosa and greater Sonoma County area for decades and uses his experience and expertise to craft strategies to protect his clients’ best interests. To book a consulting session with him, call 707-526-5454.