Seven Reasons You Should Evict a Tenant

Having a bad tenant can be a pain in the neck for a landlord. There are some tenants who cause lots of problems for their landlord, but there is no solid ground based on which they can be evicted. Additionally, tenant eviction laws vary from one state to another in the US. As such, it is important for one to be thoroughly familiar with their state’s eviction laws. There are extensive regulations in California regarding the rights of tenants. Getting in touch with an experienced nearby eviction attorney is the best decision if you are looking for evicting an uncooperative tenant.


Discussed below are 7 probable reasons why you can evict a tenant:


1. Paying Rent Late Regularly – Some tenants have a habit of making late payments regularly for no definitive reason. This consistent late payment might be problematic for you and your family as you might be dependent on that money for various purposes. Give notice to the tenant regarding making timely payments, and if they don’t pay heed, you can move toward eviction.


2. Not Paying Rent for a Month or More – Failing to pay rent for more than one month by the tenant is a matter of concern and a solid reason for asking them to evict. Set a deadline for payment of the rent, and if they fail, tell them they need to vacate the space as soon as possible. Giving them more time will only accumulate the due amount.


3. Causing Disturbance in the Neighborhood – If your tenant is causing a disturbance in the neighborhood and you are getting complaints regarding that, it is a good reason for evicting the tenant. Giving them a warning might help, but if it doesn’t, you can ask them to leave.


4. Damage to the Property – Some tenants are a real mess and they can cause damage to the property. If the extent of damage is great, you can always ask your tenant to leave. The damage might be caused by the tenant or by their negligence. Ask the tenant to repair the damage, and if they don’t agree, you can think of eviction.


5. Lease Expiration – Every lease agreement comes with an expiry date. If the tenant refuses to vacate the space, you have ample reason to ask the tenant for eviction. The tenant might show reluctance in emptying the area and take unnecessary time. In such a case, you can send a notice of eviction.


6. Using Property Illegally – If you see that your property is being used illegally by the tenant, take no time in evicting the tenant. Don’t risk your property and your reputation due to the illegal activity of a tenant.


7. Breach of the Lease Agreement – There are various terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement. If the tenant does not abide by these rules and terms, you have all the reasons asking for eviction. Initially send a notice, and if that doesn’t work, ask them to leave the space.


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