How a Business Lawyer Can Help You Start Your New Business

Thinking about starting a business? Consider hiring a business lawyer in Sonoma County as a necessity.


Many small business owners wrongly believe that only corporations need business lawyers. They put off hiring a lawyer until they have a brush with the law. The benefits of hiring a business lawyer far outweigh the costs.


A good business lawyer will help you understand your rights and obligations as a business owner. The professional will advise you on legal matters and help fulfill legal requirements for starting and operating your business. When it comes to starting your business with a strong foundation, the value of an experienced business lawyer cannot be underestimated.


These are some services offered by business lawyers.


Help Choose the Right Type of Business Entity


Your business attorney will help you understand different types of business entities and their pros and cons. The professional will assist with setting up your company correctly.


Once you develop an understanding of the different types of business structures, your lawyer will help you evaluate different criteria such as legal liability, tax implications, flexibility, and cost of formation and ongoing administration.


Assist With Filing a Trademark


Your brand logo/design is your company’s identity. It is an important part of communication. It is one of the first things your audience will notice about your business. An impactful logo will make your brand stick in the minds of your audience.


If you do not protect your logo, other businesses can use it without your permission. To prevent this from happening, file a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In addition to educating you on the importance of registering a trademark, your lawyer will assist you with filing it.


Frame and Help Understand Legal Contracts


A commercial contract may have several confusing clauses and sub-clauses. A business lawyer can read between the lines and will help you interpret commercial contracts.


Lawyers are trained to write contracts. When preparing a contract, your lawyer will include key terms, ensuring that it can be enforced in court.


A good lawyer recognizes that a well-written contract does not just spell out the terms of the transaction, but also explains what happens if a party fails to hold their end of the bargain.


When writing a contract, your lawyer will include clauses to limit your liability and minimize disputes.


Prevent Lawsuits


Your attorney will help you avoid expensive lawsuits. The professional will ensure that your business is fully compliant with state and federal laws. They will help you choose the right insurance protection for your business. If a case enters litigation, your lawyer will help you collect evidence and essential documents.


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