5 Reasons to Hire a Business Lawyer When Starting a Company

Quitting a full-time job to start a business is a major life decision. On your entrepreneurial journey, you will encounter several legal challenges. A business attorney in Santa Rosa will help you navigate these challenges with ease.


Business attorneys offer a range of legal services. Your business attorney will help you manage your business smoothly while advising you on legal matters and help avoid or mitigate any unforeseen challenges.


Your lawyer will ensure legal compliance thus helping you avoid legal hassles. Litigation is expensive and both emotionally and mentally draining. A reputable business lawyer has their clients’ best interests at heart and tries to keep disputes out of court.


Here are some compelling reasons to hire a business attorney when starting a business.


Your Attorney Will Help You Choose the Appropriate Business Structure


The four main types of business structures are: sole proprietorship, limited liability, partnership, and corporation. Choosing the right business structure for your business is important as the right structure will help reduce your personal risk and tax liability.


When choosing between the different types of business structure, your attorney will help you weigh the pros and cons to help you make more informed decisions.


They Will Draft Watertight Contracts


Your business lawyer will draft effective employee, vendor, supplier and partner contracts. When drafting a contract, they will ensure that all the necessary terms and conditions are included and that the agreement is legally enforceable. A Santa Rosa business attorney will help you navigate contracts and explain contract terminology and legal jargon to ensure you understand what is included in the contract.


The Professional Will Help Prevent Lawsuits


Lawsuits don’t only take up time and money, but they can erode a business’s credibility.

Your lawyer will try to resolve conflicts and disagreements amicably while helping to avoid legal disputes between partners.


In case of a dispute, your lawyer will negotiate with the involved parties. If, despite your lawyer’s best efforts, negotiations fail and a matter reaches court, they will represent you.


They Will Draft Real Estate Agreements and Leases


Most businesses need an office space. Before signing a rental lease, have your attorney review the agreement. Your lawyer will read the fine print of real estate agreements and help you determine if any changes are required as well as helping you understand what is included.


They Will Help Protect Your Intellectual Property


You need to protect your intellectual property to maintain a competitive edge. Depending on the type of your intellectual property, your lawyer will help you get a patent, copyright, or trademark. Maintaining this competitive edge can be the difference between being an industry leader or just another firm in a saturated market.


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